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What is market research?
Companies need to get opinions on their goods, either because the sales may have dropped off or they want to get opinions on a new product.
This is where you come in. You will be invited to a group which consists of 8 people in an informal discussion in which you will be asked your opinions
on certain products or services; they will then be used for marketing purposes. Your answers are completely anonymous.

Where and when do I do it?
Groups are held all over Sydney (Parramatta, Hills area, City, Hurstville, and North Shore). Of course you can turn down anything that does
not suit you. Sessions are held during the day and evening, so there is usually something to suit everyone.

PLEASE NOTE – You can participate in a group once every 6 months.

Can everyone participate in market research?
We survey people of all ages. The only exceptions are,
if you are working in marketing / advertising / PR or market research. Please do not apply if you work in these jobs.

How do you notify me of groups available?
I will call you when the groups become available and ask you a questionnaire; if you qualify then I will give you all the details including date,
time, address and incentive.

Groups generally run for 2 hours and you are expected to arrive about 10 minutes early. You will be turned away if you are late, so it is always best
to be early.

Reimbursement for your time is normally $90 for 2 hours but may be higher if the group is longer or homework is required.
You will also be given refreshments while at the group.

Contact Us
If you would like some more information please call me on 8021 9644 or send an email to

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